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We provide a variety of storage systems, strategically located near the ports and our customers

The company operates facilities in Auckland, Timaru, Christchurch and Dunedin (including Mosgiel) with a total temperature controlled storage capacity of over 380,000m³.

Timaru 136,542m³

Christchurch 93,588m³

Auckland 95,700m³

Dunedin (including Mosgiel) 35,369m³

The facilities operated by Polarcold are strategically located near ports and customer activity. We have a variety of storage systems to meet different product requirements.

Polarcold has blast freezing capacity in Timaru, Christchurch and Mosgiel capable of blasting 200 tonnes of product in a 48 hour period.


Constructed in late 2015, this 4 room freezer facility is strategically located in the Wiri Intermodal Freight Hub, providing connectivity with rail, ports and motorways.

For storage or marketing enquiries, please contact Stephen Foote at: or on mobile 029 942 6531.


The Timaru complex is immediately adjacent to the Port . It has extensive frozen, chilled and blast freezer capacity and is directly accessible by road and rail.
All-weather facilities for loading and discharge are available.


There are three stores operated by Polarcold in Christchurch.

Canada Crescent is a modern facility comprising two stores and extensive carton and carcass blast freezing capacity with fully enclosed loading and discharge facilities.

Prebbleton comprises of nine rooms capable of both frozen and chilled storage with covered loading and discharge facilities available.

Foundry Drive is a modern store with two rooms and environmental loading area situated within 7km’s of the Lyttelton port.

Dunedin (including Mosgiel)

The French Street store is a modern complex, strategically located near the Port with covered loading and discharge areas for both road and rail transport.

The Mosgiel facility is located at Silverstream Industrial Park. There are two modern, well-constructed cold storage rooms and three smaller chiller rooms on site, with extensive covered areas connecting the blast freezer sorting area and separate road and rail load out ELA’s.

Polarcold continually monitors advances in technology. Our refrigeration systems are fully automated and can be accessed by PC via modem for 24/7 monitoring . We have extensive energy monitoring equipment and load shedding capability to maximise energy efficiency.

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